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Men’s cutting services at K2 Hair Design Wolverhampton

Men certainly don’t have a limited choice when it comes to new and exciting hair cuts. No matter what your style, texture or face shape, our creative experts will find the look to suit you. A hair cut can totally transform your facial structure and personal style, and it’s an exciting way to switch things up.

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What should I expect from a gents hair cut at k2 hair salon?

At k2 we love to keep up with the latest Men’s hair trends. We don’t believe that Men’s hair can’t be just as exciting and stylish as Women’s, and we work hard to prove this wrong. Our hair specialists can create a wide variety of looks for gents, whether you are looking for a fresh start with your style or just a trim.

Need some inspiration of the latest gents hair cutting trends?

From cut, colour, highlights or trim, we offer it all at k2. We listen to exactly what you are looking for and offer unique inspiration and the latest looks and styles. Our team will work with you to create a hair design that perfectly suits you.

Our latest offers and discounts…

Take advantage of the amazing offers we have at our Wolverhampton hairdressers. We work hard to bring new and existing customers excellent savings and discounts. To view our full range of discounts, take a look at our offers page.

Choosing the best men’s haircut for your face shape…

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your next haircut, seeing which style suits your face shape could be the perfect way to get some ideas.

Our creative experts at k2 take into consideration many factors when finding the perfect hair cut for you. We will discuss your lifestyle, needs, personal style and analyse your face shape to get the best cut for you.

No matter what your face shape, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a new style…


A circular face with a rounded chin and less defined jaw line creates a round face shape. Those with a round face shape often look for structure from their hair cut to create definition in the face.

A square cut with angular lines are ideal for creating the illusion of a more chiselled facial structure. A pompadour haircut works well for round face shapes. This involves short back and sides with more length on top which is styled into a sleek quiff.


A square face shape consists of a strong, chiselled jaw line, balanced proportions and an overall defined appearance. It’s a great foundation for most hairstyles and is ideal for experimenting with different cuts.

Neat, short haircuts are ideal for showcasing a sculpted square face shape. This could be a crew cut, short tapered or Caesar cut.


An oblong face shape is someone who’s face is longer than it is wide. This is the longest of all the face shapes, so is important to find a style that doesn’t accentuate this further. Taking the sides too short could exaggerate the length of the face, so a well-proportioned cut would work best.

This is a classic style that still involves a shorter length on the side and more length on top, but it’s much more subtle than a taper cut.


A diamond face shape is slightly rarer, consisting of a narrow forehead and narrow chin that comes to more of a point than other face shapes. Those that have a diamond shape often look for cuts that widen the forehead and chin.

A slightly shorter length at the sides and volume on top with soft lines works well this a diamond shape. Movement and texture also goes well with this style.

Stylish and modern men’s haircut inspiration…

If you’re looking for a new cut to freshen up your style, take a look at these modern takes on classic hair cuts…

Taper/ Fade

Taper and fade cuts are similar, although they aren’t the same. A fade cut gradually blends into the skin, where as a taper can be slightly longer on the sides and gradually gets shorter but doesn’t have to blend into the skin. This style has gained huge popularity in recent years and is a classic cut that suits so many different face shapes.

Textured Quiff

More and more men are embracing the natural texture of their hair to create a cool and modern style. Whether you have curls, waves or just a subtle natural texture, this will work perfectly for a textured quiff. Try it a little shorter on the sides and more length on the top to create an edgy look.


The crop style and super short cuts are a classic cut that will never go out of style. Whatever texture you have, or even if you have no texture, this is a low maintenance style that gives a cool and alternative appearance. Wear straight and sleek or choose to add some shape with styling products.

What our customers have to say about gents hair cutting at k2…

“Sarah brought a long haired elderly gent back to life yesterday. Many thanks , I promise not to let it get so long again.” – Ian

“Friendly Staff,Great Prices,Modern Haircuts. Would highly recommend.” – Stephen

How often should I cut my hair?

How often you cut you hair can depend on a few factors. On average, the hair on your head grows about 1.25cm every month. If you have a short cut that you want to maintain, opt to get a trim around every 4 to 6 weeks. If you are looking to grow it out, leave it a little longer between appointments.

If you have a particular style that you want to keep neat and fresh looking, opt for regular trims to maintain the look you want. If you aren’t looking to keep a particular style, you can leave longer between appointments.