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How to make your hair look thicker using cuts, colour, styling and expert tips…

Are you concerned about thin or flat hair? In this post we are going to give you tips on how to achieve a thicker and fuller appearance.

From what to ask for at your hairdressers, to quick and easy steps you can follow at home, we have gathered all the best tips straight from the experts.

Here are the many methods you can use to get a thicker appearance to your hair:

  1. Cutting
  2. Colouring
  3. Styling
  4. Hair products
  5. Extensions
  6. Tips for instant fullness

Simply click on a topic to navigate through the guide.

First, let’s start with the basics, cutting…


How to cut fine hair to make it look thicker

Many men and women fear cutting their long hair as they believe it helps give a thicker appearance, when it can actually be quite the opposite.

Here are the many ways a simple cut can make the world of difference to thin or fine locks…


Use a good cut to your advantage

A longer length will weigh down your strands and prevent any fullness or thickness from being achieved near the roots.

Cutting just a couple of inches off long hair can do wonders for the overall appearance and give you a much fuller, thicker and healthier look.

Shoulder length hair is the perfect cut for giving thin locks a boost. Lobs, bobs and or even just to your collar bone are all styles to look into if you’re trying to create a fuller style that has bounce.


Use a blunt cut for thicker looking hair

If you are chopping off some length, avoid layers if you are concerned about fine hair.

A blunt cut does a much better job at creating a fuller appearance and is deceivingly good at creating thickness.

The addition of layers can make the overall appearance look limp and thin as you are just taking away more hair and making it even more fine.

If you’re looking for a less blunt cut, ask for a texturized cut. This is where the method of point cutting is used to create texture within the style without removing bulk.  This technique creates a softness at the ends and takes away the bluntness without having to add layers.

The cut is the foundation of your hair style. Once you’ve got this right, you can look at colouring for achieving a thicker appearance…


How to make thin hair look thicker with colour

Colouring can be used in a very subtle way to make a big impact. There are lots of expert techniques that professionals use to achieve exactly what the customer is looking for, such as creating a thicker appearance.

Here are the ways colour can be used to give you a fuller look…


Use colour melting for a slightly darker root

A slightly darker root deceives the eye into thinking hair is thicker than it actually is. A subtle colour melt from dark to slightly lighter at the ends give a fuller appearance that looks more voluminous.

Colour melting is the newest technique in colouring that creates a beautiful effect. It mimics the natural colour transition of hair, which produces a much more smooth and natural finish.


Use hair contouring to easily achieve instant thickness

This colouring technique was inspired by the huge contouring make up trend. The concept essentially plays with shadow and light, which is used as an illusion to sculpt and shape. It can easily be done with makeup for the face, but it is a technique now being adapted by hairdressing professionals.

It involves the careful placement of highlights and lowlights to fall perfectly around the face and create a fuller, more voluminous look. Experimenting with multi tonal shades can create texture, depth and dimension to your style.

Keep reading to find out why it’s important to find the right style to achieve gorgeous fullness…


How to style fine hair to make it look thicker

Styling is the perfect way to manipulate hair and get it looking exactly how you want. There are subtle changes you can make that create a natural thickness, or there are methods that take a little more work. Here are our best tips…


Use different partings to cleverly create thickness

If you are concerned about thinness near your roots, switching up your parting is a quick and easy fix.

A completely straight parting down the middle may emphasise thinness, so experiment with a zig zag parting or one that is less perfect. This takes away the attention and gives your roots a little more volume.

Another easy tip is to try a side parting. Specifically, on the other side to how you would usually part it. One of the biggest issues with thinness is that hair cuticle falls flat against the scalp and can look limp and dull. Using a parting on the side you don’t usually use forces the hair to go against how it naturally falls, which instantly creates fullness and volume.


Use the upside-down technique when blow drying hair

There is nothing like a fresh blow dry in your favourite salon to achieve the volume and thickness you are looking for. But, re-creating this at home can be tricky when you are inexperienced with styling.

One easy tip to boosting the fullness is blow drying your hair upside down. It uses the same concept as our previous tip, as it forces hair to fall against its natural position.


Use curls for guaranteed thickness

If in doubt, use curling tongues to create an instantly voluminous look. Although this may take a little more effort, it is a sure way to achieve beautiful fullness.

Curl your hair away from your face on either side to create a natural look that is full of bounce and volume.

The key to maintaining your style is finding the right products. Here are the hair care items we recommend to manage your new thick looking locks…


How to use hair products to get a fuller appearance

Hair products are one of the most important things to get right in order to achieve a thick, healthy and voluminous appearance. Get it wrong and you could weigh your locks down and even cause damage. Keep reading for our top product recommendations…


Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Look for thickening or volumising shampoo and conditioners to get some extra help with your hair. These products have been specifically designed to give your locks a boost.

It is always important to look at the ingredients of the products you’re using, as some are full of harsh chemicals that could be doing more harm than good. That is why we use the whole Biolage R.A.W haircare products in our k2 salons as they contain 70 – 100% natural origin ingredients.

The R.A.W. Uplift range include all products that have been created to give your hair fullness and produce thicker looking hair.


Use the right amount of product

Using too much product can be the easiest way to go wrong when trying to achieve thickness. This will weigh down the hair and take away any natural bounce.

When using thickening and volumising products, you want to work with your hairs natural flow and use a little at a time. You can always add more, but it’s very hard to take away.

If volumizing products just aren’t cutting it and you want a little extra help, extensions are a great way to create a gorgeous thick look…


How extensions can make your hair look thicker

Many women use hair extensions to achieve the full, beautiful and thick locks they’ve always dreamed of. You can customise extensions to work for you, as they can make a bold, dramatic impact or add some subtle fullness.

Extensions are an investment, but they are worth it for those concerned about fine hair or lack of volume.

We recommend using 100% Remy Virgin Hair Extensions, as they are one of the best quality option available.

At our k2 salons we take into account your needs, lifestyle, hair type and goals to create your perfect style. We blend them in with your natural colour to create the most seamless effect. We have had many customers wanting to achieve more thickness in their hair and have been thrilled with the results that extensions offer. These extensions can be completed within the hour in the salon so call us if you want more information.


If you’re short on time and need a quick fix before you rush out of the door, keep reading for our tips on instantly achieving a fuller look…


How to make hair look thicker instantly

Are you about to step out the door, but catch yourself in the mirror and let out a sigh over the flatness of your locks? Here are quick tricks that will instantly create a thicker appearance…


Use dry shampoo even when your hair isn’t greasy

Dry shampoo is our saviour when we don’t have time to wash our hair, but did you know it can also create lots of volume and thickness?

If you’re looking for a quick fix in the morning for dull or fine hair, dry shampoo is an instant fix to get more fullness.

There are also plenty of coloured dry shampoo products that are totally undetectable and won’t leave white marks.


Use colour spray to cover up sparse areas

If you’re thinness concerns are near your roots and you have sparse areas, look into temporary colour sprays.

They are available in a huge range of colours to match your natural colour for a seamless effect. It is also a super quick method that simply involves a spray and go.

This is an easy way to hide any thinness and make sure your roots have thickness and fullness.

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