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The Latest Summer Hair Colour Trends for 2019

The hottest hues for hair in Spring 2019 were the “bubble gum” and “candyfloss” shades including pinks, lilacs and topaz.

As we go into Summer 2019, braver and bolder colours are being considered, as we all feel we want to look brighter as the sun creates its magic.

Summer “Festival Hair” now include the unicorn shades (shown below) as everyone is getting experimental with more intense, vivid colours such as “Flamenco Fuchsia, “Sparkling Rose” and “Royal Purple”. These are all new shades in the Matrix range of “Colour me Vivids” so are more readily available to everyone.

Summer Hair Trends 2019 - Unicorn Hair
You can have a pop of colour or the braver ones can have a range of hues all over.

The only problem now is “How to take care of your hair and maintain your colour” during the summer and especially to stop hair becoming dry and unmanageable during the summer months.

Maintaining your Vivid Hair Colour during the Summer Months

There are many ranges of products to help to maintain hair colour, but one that is brand new and also includes the LATEST PRODUCT – the “Keep me Vivid Laminator” to lock in your colour.

Before visiting the hair dressers

Make sure your hair is free from harsh colours and in the best condition it can be, so your hairdresser can achieve the best possible result. Book a consultation with your chosen stylist so you can discuss the possibilities of reaching your chosen colour

During your visit

There a few products that your stylist can use during the colouring process to help maintain your colour, but the latest one is “THE LAMINATOR” from the Matrix “Keep me Vivid” range, which is applied just after the removal of your colour. The Laminator will prolong your  colour and reduces fade as well as enhancing shine. The Laminator should be applied straight after colouring and can only be applied, professionally, by your hairdresser.

After visiting the hairdressers

But, don’t despair, the “Keep me Vivid” range also includes a shampoo, which gently cleanses to maintain vibrancy and an acidic conditioner to deeply nourish your colour treated hair. There is also an oil to cream Color Velvetizer in the range  to instantly smooth and protect your hair before air-dry or blow dry styling.

The Keep me Vivid range is every colour chameleon’s best friend for keeping your colours looking fresh, funky and fun

To chart your vivid colour journey: tag @matrix #socolorcult on Instagram

Summer Blondes in  2019

The trend of summer blondes have changed; the blonde tonal palette includes a new wave of on-trend cool and warm tones with pastel tone blondes in-between. Things are warming up for Summer 2019 when it comes to blonde hair tones. Shades like beige, honey and golden tones are more in demand so you can always find a blonde tone to suit your skin.  Many blondes fade in the harsh summer sun, but if you follow the T.L.C blonding services, that allow you to “Tone, Love and Care” for your blonde in-between appointments you will maintain your gorgeous blonde all summer long

Maintaining your Summer Blonde

Blonde is officially the nation’s most requested colour, so, of course, there are a wide range of products to maintain your summer blonde.


Condition is the key to achieve your dream blonde colour: regular treatments and a highly moisturising shampoo is a must before your visit to the hairdressers, to make sure your hair is in the best possible condition.


There are many products that the professional hairdresser can include in your application of  blonde to ensure long lasting colour and condition. Olapec and Bond Ultim8 are just two of the options available.


To maintain your blonde you could include regular trips to the salon for trims and toners, but there are many ranges of products to maintain your cool, blonde locks and neutralise any effects of the sun. SoSilver shampoo by Matrix and Brass Off shampoo and conditioner in the Total Results Range can all be used to keep your blonde looking as fresh as possible and free from brassiness.

Find out more at #blondesmeanbusiness

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your colour, whatever your choice

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Director – k2 Hair design Ltd

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