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Hair Trends for 2021: Haircuts & Styles

As we all know, 2020 had a massive impact on our lives, but despite the obvious hurdles of the pandemic, we all managed our hair…eventually.

A visit to the salon can transform our styles and we are probably all ready to be transformed with a fresh new look.

During 2020, many of us let our hair take the natural route as we dreamed of salons opening their doors.

So, what are the most sought after cutting and styling trends for 2021, and with the promise of salons re-opening in Spring, what are we going to be asking for over the next 12 months?

Hair Cutting Trends in 2021

Effortless Bob

Seriously chic and effortlessly sleek, the Bob is a haircut we all know and love.

It comes in all shapes and sizes, from short and blunt to long and choppy. So even if you’re looking to change your style but aren’t ready to lose length, a long bob or ‘lob’ is a great choice.

Casual Textured Bob

Joey Scandizzo of ELEVEN Australia says bobs can help with managing your current hair type.

If you want to take the bulk out of thicker hair, the weight can be reduced by creating a few layers and texturizing these layers, this will also help encourage any natural curl in the hair texture, making an “easier to manage” hair style.

Soft Mullet

Yep, you read that right, the mullet has returned.

This long forgotten 80’s biker cut is making a comeback in 2021, but this time round there’s a softer touch.

2021-Haircut Trends Soft Mullet
Soft 80’s Mullet

The new and improved mullet has a less dramatic edge, and the shaggier cut at the side makes it a more manageable and wearable style. It’s a good step to go if you’re looking for a drastic change, and a more out-there look.

Super Shaggy

Modern shag haircuts are versatile and can be used across many different hair lengths and hair types.

Whether you have curly, wavy, long or short hair, a shag cut is a great way to spruce up your current locks.

Similar to the bob, a super shaggy chop can create a hair illusion, as it makes your hair feel fuller at the crown and takes a somewhat flat hairstyle to a structured new look.

It’s a classic style that’s been around for many years and is a great option if you’re looking to add texture to your hair with a delicate edge.

Super Shaggy Style

Face framing layers for long hair

Face framing layers – aka the ‘money pieces’.

These are great for any face shape as they can be positioned in various places, such as your browbone or cheekbones.

When it comes to longer hair, we recommend cutting these delicate layers to skim just on the jawline, or barely touch the collarbone. By simply texturising these fine sections of hair, you can truly make a dramatic difference to your look.

Pixie cut

A true classic; the pixie cut has been a desired style by many for years.

And we’re still seeing it as a popular choice in 2021, especially among celebrities and their stylists.

The pixie cut is a hairdresser’s favourite as it is a real transformation on a client, and can give the hair a thicker appearance, making it a great option for those with finer hair.

It’s contemporary and convenient, but also super stylish and manageable and a great way to shake things up if you don’t mind a good chop.  

Hair Styling Trends for 2021

Air dry

Being stuck inside and having nowhere to go during 2020 saw us taking a break from the blow dryer as we let our hair dry without the use of any heat.

As we’ve become accustomed to our hair in its natural state, most of us will be coming out of quarantine with our airdried locks.

There are lots of benefits when it comes to letting your hair air dry, including reducing heat damage and increasing the retention of moisture in each strand.

It’s a great style if you’re busy and on the go, as you can simply skip the heat tools and get your day started whilst your hair dries into a beautiful style.


Put down the straighteners and pick up the styling gel.

Heatless hairstyles have bounced back into fashion, and they’re a great choice as we head into the summer months.

There are so many ways you can rock the heatless look, from sophisticated updo’s to the classic beach waves, it’s an easy and versatile way of doing your hair.

You can use a various range of products to achieve this style such as hair oil, (heatless) hair rollers, leave in sprays and more.

Imperfect Texture

Otherwise known as the ‘model off duty look’, an imperfect and messy mane is one of those universal styles that can look gorgeous on any head of hair.

Texture adds structure and dimension, and done correctly, untamed and tousled locks can give the impression of an intricate style, even though you may have only used one or two products.

To create a stylish yet easy imperfect look, we recommend spraying salt spray from the tips to the middle of your hair, and working this in to create a beachy look.

Voluminous Roots

Volume takes your hair from flat to full by adding body and life back into your roots.

Big, bouncy hair in 2021 is really achievable, and doesn’t have to be accompanied by that weighed down feeling.

If you’re looking for voluminous roots, mousse is going to be your best friend. Starting at the roots, take a pump of mousse while the hair is damp and work it in.

Rather than using your regular hair drying routine, flip your hair over and blow dry your hair upside down. This has been a well loved trick for years that adds lots of volume.

To add even more lift, once finished blow drying, you can lock in your look with heated rollers to give you that ‘salon-feel’ finish.  

Flippy Ends

As we’re seeing 90’s and early 2000’s trends sneaking their way back in, the flippy ends hair look is one to watch out for in 2021, as we’re already seeing many influencers flaunting this look over social media.

The simple trick of flipping the ends of your hair can add lots of style, whilst complimenting your face shape.

To achieve this, all you need to do is take a hot tool (such as a straightener) and bump the ends of your hair away from your face and seal it in with a touch of hairspray.  

So, that’s the hair forecast for 2021! These are some really exciting trends to be on the lookout for, and we’ll be sure to see more crop up throughout the year. We’ve all missed the salon and as hairdressers, we’re most excited to see the return of clients in seats, and scissors, hairdryers, and rollers in action.

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