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Hair Extensions: What Type Are Best and What to Consider Before

What type of extensions should you get?

At k2 we offer micro ring, pre-bonded and tape extensions. We use the consultations to discuss which method will be best for your lifestyle, hair type and look you want to achieve.

We have a full range of thicknesses, grades and colours available to find the perfect match for you.

We also offer semi-permanent options which are ideal for special events, celebrations or those wanting to try the look before committing to extensions.

Contact us today to book your consultation and discuss a tailored plan for you.

What to consider before choosing hair extensions

Extensions are an exciting way to completely transform your look. There is such a wide variety of looks that can be achieved, from just adding some subtle thickness to creating dramatic length.

We have lots of customers wanting to try them, but are unsure as to whether they will like them, suit them, be able to keep up with maintenance…

They should not be a last-minute decision and we always advice to do thorough research before booking an appointment. Here are some things to consider when thinking about extensions…

Consider your type of hair

There are so many different types of extensions, and by this we don’t just mean the application process. The actual hair they are made from plays a huge role in the quality. The types available are usually synthetic, virgin or remy.

When selecting extensions, we recommend investing in 100% remy human hair. This is what we offer at the k2 salon as it is the highest quality hair possible. It is 100% virgin hair that is untreated, making it ultra-silky and soft.

Consider the best Hair Extensions for Your Lifestyle

Although some choose extensions purely for the look, it is also very important to think about the practicality of them and how they will fit into your everyday lifestyle.

If you have a very active lifestyle that involves a lot of sport and you would just like extra length or thickness for a special event, you may be best enquiring about our semi-permanent options.

Or if you tie your hair up frequently for physical activities, look into tape extensions as these lie flat against the scalp and are less noticeable in a pony tail.

Ask yourself why you want hair extensions?

A lot of us have a desire to try extensions, but it is important to think about why. Here are some possible reasons:

  • You are concerned about thinness or flatness and want a thick, fuller look with more volume
  • You struggle to grow your hair past a certain point and want more length
  • You’d like to try a hint of colour, perhaps some balayage at the ends
  • You love to style with heated tools and want to avoid damage to your natural hair

Consider your budget constraints

Lastly, it is helpful to think about your budget and how much you are willing to spend on this transformation. Although synthetic options can be very inexpensive, you will most likely get what you pay for and receive a style that doesn’t look natural or flow well with your hair.

High quality extensions do cost more but it is a worth while investment to achieve a flawless, natural appearance that looks like your real hair.

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