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How to get rid of hair frizz naturally and the benefits of a Brazilian blow dry

One of the biggest questions we get asked in our Wolverhampton hairdresser salon is how to reduce frizz. We have collected all of the tips and tricks from our hairdresser professionals and put them into one convenient guide for reducing frizz.

Find out why frizz occurs, 10 ways to reduce it naturally and how a Brazilian blow dry can eliminate it for up to 4 months.


Why does hair frizz?

Frizz occurs when the outer layer of the hair shaft (the cuticle) becomes raised, which then allows moisture to pass through the surface.

This often occurs in dry hair, as the strands are looking for any moisture they get. So, in humid weather, the cuticle becomes raised and the strand absorbs the moisture in the air.

Because the cuticle is raised, strands can appear dry and frizzy rather than smooth and shiny like a smooth cuticle would.

Curly hair is more prone to frizz as it tends to be dryer, which makes it more susceptible to becoming frizzy.

So, when trying to tackle frizz, we need to look at the root of the problem (no pun intended).

The best way to avoid frizz is to make sure your hair is getting plenty of hydration, but there are other natural ways of avoiding it as well. Keep reading to find our 10 top tips for reducing frizz naturally.


10 ways to reduce frizz naturally

1.      Drink your h20

It is recommended to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration. Making sure you’re drinking enough water will have a big effect on the condition of your hair.

Not only does dehydration affect your health, but it will also make your hair and skin appear dry. Make sure to keep yourself topped up with water throughout the day for a healthy, shiny appearance and reduce the risk of developing frizz.


2.      Sleep with a silk pillowcase

Satin also works with this tip. Materials such as cotton or man-made fibres are too rough for our hair and can cause breakages or raised cuticles.

This will dry out cuticles and give a frizzy appearance. So, to keep a shiny, frizz-free look to your hair every morning, opt for a satin or silk pillowcase.


3.      Resist the temptation to towel rub your hair

For the same reason you shouldn’t use a cotton pillowcase, we also recommend avoiding the towel rub.

It can be tempting when you come out of the shower with dripping wet hair and just want to squeeze out the excess with a towel – but resist!

Rubbing with these harsh fibres is a sure way to roughen your cuticles and create a frizzy appearance.


4.      Avoid over-shampooing

It is up for debate as to how often you should be washing your hair, but it is recommended that you certainly shouldn’t be doing it every day.

This is a recipe for a dry, frizzy disaster.

You may wash it everyday to get rid of the grease, but this could actually be the main cause of your oil production. As you are stripping your head of all its natural oils, it is over compensating and producing even more.

The oils that your scalp produces are beneficial to your strands and keeps them healthy and hydrated. To avoid dryness and frizz, try cutting down on how often you wash your hair.


5.      Use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute conditioner

When you do wash your hair, use a deeply nourishing conditioner. To feel the full benefits of your products, use a wide tooth comb after applying conditioner to make sure it evenly coats every single strand.

This makes a big difference to the results from your conditioner and will make your cuticles shiny, smooth and frizz-free.


6.      Use a cool rinse once you’ve finished in the shower

Once you’ve finished washing out your products in the shower, use a quick cold rinse to seal your cuticles and protect hair from damage.

Water that is too hot can strip your hair of its natural oils, but a cold rinse will help it retain moisture and add a beautiful shine.


7.      Resist the bleach

Over-processing hair is a big no-no when it comes to achieving a hydrated and glossy look. The chemicals in certain hair dyes and bleach can seriously damage the health of your hair and strip out all the moisture.

If you’re really trying to improve the shine of your hair and reduce frizz, then try resisting high-lift dye or bleach and opt for a more hair-friendly dye.


8.      Invest in some indulgent hair masks

Applying a mask once a week will make a big difference to the feel and appearance of your hair. It will help strengthen, reduce split ends, add shine and plenty of moisture.

All these things will help keep frizz at bay and make your locks look super healthy and glossy.

Matrix have produced some wonderful indulgent hair masks in their RAW range, to cover all hair types. The Nourish range, which contain Quinoa Husk, Honeycomb and Coconut oil, re-hydrate your hair with moisture, leaving hair softer and shinier. This is an honest, natural origin hair care line which is also 99% biodegradable. Now you can be good to your hair and good to the planet too.


9.      Avoid heat damage by letting your hair air dry

If you’re an avid lover of sleek, straight hair or perfect curls, then cutting out your heat tools might be a tricky task.

Try your best to cut down on the heat tools, but here’s a great trick that won’t affect the look of your style!

After washing, let your hair air dry almost completely before giving it a quick blow dry. This is a much healthier way of drying your hair as there is minimal heat being used on it. It won’t affect your style as you can still give it a quick blow dry to smooth it out and then use your usual styling tools.

The tip will prevent your strands from getting too dehydrated and reduce frizz.


10.  The right way to use oil…

You may think oil in your hair should be avoided as it’s just going to look greasy and dirty, but not if you use it the right way.

Just apply a little to dry ends or leave on over night and wash out in the morning. Your hair will thank you for incorporating oil into a regular routine.

To find the best oils for you, read our guide to the best oils for different hair types.

These are tips you should regularly keep up with to avoid frizz. For a more permanent solution, keep reading…


What is a Brazilian blow dry?

A Brazilian blow dry is a hair smoothing treatment that uses proteins to create a beautifully smooth feel and appearance.

Not only does it make hair look healthy, shiny and ultra-glossy, it also gives a soft feel creates a barrier of protection around the cuticle.

For a Brazilian blow dry, a blend of amino acids is used to seal the cuticle and deliver this high-shine look. We will then use a hairdryer and straighteners before washing out the blend of amino acids.

All the work is done here at the salon and you will leave with glossy, beautiful locks that are ready to take on the world!


How long does a Brazilian blow dry last?

Depending on your hair type and your hair care routine, a Brazilian blow dry will last 2 to 4 months. It is a semi-permanent fix and requires re-application after the 2 to 4 months to maintain this shiny, frizz-free appearance.

The process at the salon can take between 1-3 hours (depending on length and thickness), so this is the perfect, convenient treatment for those who want to save time on a day to day basis.


Does a Brazilian blow dry require much aftercare?

Unlike other smoothing treatments, such as a keratin treatment where the product has to be washed out at home, a Brazilian blow dry is perfect the second you step out of the salon

To maintain the smoothness and frizz-free effect, it is recommended that sulphate, silicon and paraben free products are used. The RAW range of shampoos and conditioners avoid all of these additives, as it has up to 91% natural origin formulas, leaving your hair smooth and frizz-free.

We will give you all the information you need to know in your appointment, including tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Brazilian blow dry, such as the best haircare products to use.

If you’re interested in a hair smoothing treatment, get in touch today to discuss with one of our professionals how we can get the best results for you.

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