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A simple guide to the best oils for different hair types

It’s hard to beat the fresh feeling of clean hair that has just been washed.

But have you ever taken a closer look to see dry, damaged and broken strands? Sometimes we need a little more help than conditioner can provide us with.

Oil is the answer.

It is a common misconception that oils are just for taming a thick and unruly mane. However, there is an option for every type of hair. They can even be used to revive dull and tired hair to give bounce and volume.

Use this easy guide to navigate through the world of oils to find the perfect one for you.


Fine hair

Fineness is an issue many of us face. It can happen as we get older or something we inherit from our genetics.

There are many ways to tackle this problem, including styling, colour and cutting. However, oil is an easy way to get to the root of the problem (no pun intended).

Abyssinian oil, also known as crambe seed oil, is intensely hydrating. It is rich in erucic acid (omega-9) which gives a glossy and healthy look, making the hair appear fuller.

Its molecular structure also gives it heat resistant properties which protects strands and helps prevent them from fining.


Dull hair

Are you happy with the length and thickness of your hair but you just can’t seem to get that healthy appearance and beautiful bounce?

Moroccan oil (also known as argan or ‘miracle’ oil) does wonders for the strength of your hair. Not only does it give a glossy, shiny appearance, it also deeply conditions.

It is full of antioxidants and vitamins that will nourish and smooth out your locks, leaving a natural bounce and revitalised look.

We stock Moroccan Oil in both our salons so please feel free to pay us a visit if you’d like more information.


Frizzy hair

Rain or shine, it can be hard to avoid frizz and unruliness, especially for those who have curls. Frizz can be caused by many things, such as genetics, dehydration, over-processing, products you are using and more.

Regular oil treatments are an effective way to keep frizz at bay.

Macadamia oil, which comes from the macadamia nut, will be your best friend when it comes to fighting frizz.

The macadamia nut is one of the highest sources of fatty acids, which deeply nourishes hair and helps to reconstruct any damage. It adds shine and strengthens strands which may have become brittle.


Hair Growth

The truth is that there is no miracle to grow your hair fast (unless you invest in extensions, of course).

There are many tips for encouraging hair growth with one of the best being relaxing oil treatments.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil which is famous for promoting growth. Massage this in to boost blood circulation to your scalp for the best results.

It is rich in vitamin E, proteins, minerals and omega 9 essential fatty acids. It’s high concentration of ricinoleic acid is the main contribution to growth as it enriches hair follicles and encourages regeneration of strands.



Dandruff affects around half of the adult population and targets all sorts of hair types. Whether your scalp is dehydrated or a little greasy, it can sometimes seem impossible to escape from dandruff.

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil fight the fungus which causes dandruff without drying out your scalp, making it a brilliant long-term solution.

It also helps to reduce an itchy scalp which can be caused by dandruff and agitate it.


Aging hair

This can be a concern for many as we get older. ‘Aging’ is quite a vague term, but when we refer to this it could include signs of thinning, greying, drying or loss of volume.

All your locks need is a little extra TLC and pampering sessions.

Coconut oil is packed full of vitamins, mineral and carbohydrates to maintain shine and strength. It helps prevent breakage and promotes growth whilst giving a deep condition.

Pigment cells at the base of each follicle become less efficient over time which is what causes the loss of colour and greyness. Coconut oil nourishes and protects the base which helps prevent the loss of colour.




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