Meet the k2 Hairdressers

  Meet our k2 hair salon team

Fashionable creations are an important part of everyday life and here at the k2 hairdressers in Wolverhampton we love to create and evolve among the fashion industry enabling us to give you, our customer, exactly what you want, when you want it and at an affordable price. Our expert team has a wide range of experience and skills and we are constantly striving to make our customers the happiest they can be.

Karen Pye - Owner/ Director

Karen has over 35 years of experience in hairdressing and it is her true passion in life. She loves nothing more than creating beautiful hair and passing on her knowledge of hairdressing. She is a colour correction expert and is constantly learning the newest, most expert techniques to give her clients the best results. Karen has launched 3 successful hair salons in her career which she has thoroughly enjoyed managing and progressing.

Sarah - Senior Consultant

As well as being highly skilled in hairdressing, Sarah has also trained in management. She is a perfect addition to the k2 team as she keeps everyone organised, so the stylists can focus purely on the clients. Sarah is a fantastic motivator and does a wonderful job of bringing the team together. Her strengths include cutting and colouring and she is always adopting expert techniques to deliver excellent results.

Ellie - Senior Consultant

Meet our senior consultant, Ellie. She has been with k2 for over 10 years and is a vital part of our team. She loves sharing advice and passing on her hairdressing knowledge to the other stylists. She is constantly keeping up with trends to offer her clients the latest techniques and inspiration.  Her strengths lies in her ability to master traditional and modern hair cutting techniques. Ellie is proud to provide excellent customer service and loves to give clients the hair they have always dreamed of.  

Jade - Senior Consultant

Jade is passionate about all aspects of hairdressing. Her favourite part of the job is taking the ideas and inspiration from a client and turning it into a beautiful hair reality. She is constantly striving to keep her clients the happiest they can be by learning the newest expert techniques. Jade has a loyal customer base, but she also enjoys building relationships with new clients.

Lena - Senior Stylist

Lena has over 40 years experience in hairdressing and has enjoyed seeing all the unique hair trends come and go. From this experience she can easily differentiate between fads and trends that don’t give the best results and expert hair techniques that are sure to create beautiful hair. She combines classic skills with modern techniques to tailor the hair journey to each individual client.

Steph - Senior Stylist

Steph is one of our senior stylists and loves designing unique hair creations. She is incredibly patient and understanding. She works hard to fully understand what a client is looking for and offers inspiration for those who don’t know what to do with their hair. Steph has so much creativity and finds challenging hair transformations exciting and rewarding.

Emily G - Senior Stylist

Emily has a large set of strengths, some of which include cutting, colouring, kerastraight treatments, perming and barbering. Emily’s creativeness is inspiring and besides from creating a beautiful hair style, there is nothing she loves more than seeing a smile on her clients’ face. She will always commit to a challenging transformation and will deliver the results you desire.

Hannah - Stylist

Hannah is a quick learner and is always following the latest trends and techniques. The happiness of her clients is always her top priority and she loves to deliver excellent customer service from the second you walk through the door. Hannah listens to exactly what her customers are looking for and collaborates with them to create stunning results.

Rachelle - Stylist

Rachelle is passionate about colour and excels in highlighting and any other hair colouring techniques. She approaches tasks with confidence and loves a challenge when it comes to hair transformations. She works hard to build strong relationships with clients and provides the best customer service every time. She also specialises in cutting and styling, and particularly enjoys experimenting with different curling techniques.

Abbie S - Graduate Stylist

Abbie is our graduate stylist at the k2 salon. She is eager to gain new skills and is a very fast learner. She enjoys shadowing the other hairdressers and observing how they achieve professional hair looks. Abbie looks forward to the day she is a fully trained hairdresser with her own clients.

Lucyanne - Receptionist

Meet our lovely receptionist at k2 hair, Lucyanne. She it is a vital member of the k2 team and ensures everything is running smoothly at all times. Her excellent time management and regimented organisation are her key strengths. She loves meeting new clients and watching their hair transformations.  


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