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Best Hair Colour Trends for 2021: Balayage, Highlights and more…

After what felt like a long 2020, the new year is at last, here. With it comes fresh new ways to colour your hair. Last year, salon closures caused many to get experimental, but we are happy to say it’s out with the at-home colour, and in with salon glow ups.

Many colour trends come and go, yet the classics will in, general, remain popular. By the classics, we mean the infamous trio – balayage, highlights and ombres. These three are the long-term techniques we have seen around in salons for quite a while.

They don’t seem to be going anywhere this year either. With the addition of some striking new techniques, let’s explore more of the best hair colour trends for 2021.

Natural Hair Colour Trends


Originating from the French word ‘Balayer’ meaning ‘sweep’, the Balayage technique consists of painting on colour to create a gradual effect.

Clients tend to adore this colour method, as it gives that sun-kissed, ‘holiday’ hair look.

Since many of us have had to skip out on a summer getaway, you can see why this style is predicted to continue its popularity throughout 2021.

The Balayage gives the appearance of effortlessly grown out roots. It’s a super low maintenance option, as it provides a natural look in comparison to highlights.



Highlighting your hair; is definitely an old classic. It’s a favoured colour technique by stylists and clients all over the world.

Highlights can add depth and life to your locks, providing soft transitions of colour throughout each strand.

Subtle honey hues can add dimension to your single-tone brunette base. Or, if you’re looking for something a little bolder, try intertwining intense pink pieces into a blonde canvas.

Baby Lights

If you’re looking to introduce colour without a full head of highlights, Babylights are for you. This technique is versatile as it can be applied to any hair length and/or colour.

They’re focused on the place where your hair naturally parts, where fine strands are lightened to introduce a subtle hue to your hair.

Offering a rejuvenated look to your hair, Babylights are a great starting point within your hair colour journey.



With this technique, the use of foils is added to the Balayage method to intensify the outcome.

It’s a preferred method for those wanting brighter highlights, as it still provides the natural look that Balayage gives. Just with a brighter result.

Foilayage is a brilliant option for all the brunettes out there. The foil creates moisture, so the hair receives the ultimate lift, and therefore a more dimensional final look.

Embracing Natural Grey

Throughout 2020, salon closures resulted in the trend of embracing your natural grey.

Women of all ages experience grey hair, but not all choose to rock the silver locks. In 2021, grey is the colour of the moment, with many now feeling confident to embrace the grey trend.

Transitioning to all-over grey can seem tricky. L’Oreal Paris USA recommends opting for highlights and lowlights to ease the transition period.

There are many masks and shampoos that can brighten your natural tones without changing your base colour.

Colour Melting

Considered the evolution from the classic ombre, the popularity of colour melting is on the rise.

It is exactly what it says on the tin; melting the colour into your existing look so seamlessly there is no obvious start and endpoint.

Colour melting is a great way to bring in the addition of new colours without too much of a drastic change from your pre-existing look.

Bold Colour Choices

Demi/Semi-Permanent Colours

Natural isn’t always for everyone. If you’re looking for a more drastic colour change in 2021, demi and semi-permanent hair colours are going to be your best friend.

The Socolour Cult range from Matrix is perfect for swapping out your natural tones for an intensified look. Choose from Lucky Duck Yellow, Mermaid Teale, Starfish Coral and many more.

A big question we get as hairstylists is ‘How long does demi-permanent colour last?’. The answer depends on two things – the colour you use and how often you wash your hair.

Colours from the Socolour Cult range last approximately 18-24 washes, giving you plenty of time to rock your new bold hue.

We have all these colours available at K2 Hair Design in Codsall.


Temporary Blow Dry Colour

Are you a little colour shy? Not to worry, the new Colour BlowDry range from Matrix is brilliant for testing out colour if you aren’t ready to commit to a permanent colour. They are innovating, exciting and more importantly, fun!

There is no rinsing, patch testing or processing time required. We simply apply the colour and as we dry your hair, the colour intensifies.

If you are looking to test a new colour, this is the perfect way to try it out. There are 7 temporary colour shades that all wash out within 1-2 shampoos.


How to Care for Coloured Hair in 2021

Condition After Colour (Best Treatments + Oils)

To maintain the health of your hair after colouring, ensure you use a moisturising conditioner. Conditioners formulated for coloured hair contain key nutrients that help keep the tones vivid.

At k2 Hair, we recommend searching for conditioners and hair masks that contain oils from Ojon nut. This specific type of oil reduces the chance of colour fading by providing a barrier of nutrients to each hair strand.

Colour Last Shampoo/Conditioner

Whether you’ve recently revitalised your blonde locks or introduced purple streaks, protecting your colour is a priority.

Adding a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to your hair care routine can extend the time between touch-ups.

Biolage ColourLast from Matrix

Matrix offers a brilliant duo in their ColourLast range that is enriched with orchid extract. The shampoo cleanses your hair from impurities without stripping the colour. Similarly, the conditioner maintains depth and vibrancy throughout, whilst nourishing your hair.

Keep Me Vivid Range from Matrix

Decided to go for a bolder look? The Matrix Keep Me Vivid range, restores shine while helping to maintain ‘fast-fading’ colours. This range is gentle on your hair, keeping your hair nourished and protected between washes and colour touch-ups.


Whether you’re keeping it natural or ready to rock the bold, we’ve got the colour mixed and the brushes at the ready here at k2. As the year progresses, we’re going to be keeping our eye out for some more exciting colour trends throughout 2021.

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